Risk by using chemical cosmetics

Dermatologist apprehend the skin care industry segments

Synthetic PreservativeMost used preservative for usual cosmetics is paraben. Allergic property of paraben to skin is confirmed by the medical community.      It is said that paraben have negative effects on environmental hormone too.

Compound perfume: This can be cause of trigger for allergy and has an impact to hormone secretion. Also this has the potential to develop a cancer or an infertility.

Synthetic oil solution: Oil solution made from petroleum oil is widely used in cosmetics for moisturizing action or as a stabilizer. Synthetic oil solution is in heavy usage since it is much smoother to apply than oil solution made from petroleum. However, using cosmetics like the above long period of time can be cause of dullness and dry skin.

Synthetic ultraviolet absorber: Products which have high SPF are included synthetic ultraviolet absorber for protecting skin from UV. Larger amount of ultraviolet absorber is harder on skin. Using their products for long time effects to the inner skin and it can be cause of dry and dullness skin

Synthetic surfactant: Synthetic surfactant has effects of protein alteration. So, it will be the risk to skin such as breaking barrier of skin. It is said that the synthetic surfactant is the cause for current burgeoning of people who have a trouble with dry skin. It is often that skin gets thin and become sensitive after skin changed to dry skin because of synthetic surfactant.