Risk by using chemical cosmetics

Dermatologist apprehend the skin care industry segments

Synthetic PreservativeMost used preservative for usual cosmetics is paraben. Allergic property of paraben to skin is confirmed by the medical community.      It is said that paraben have negative effects on environmental hormone too.

Compound perfume: This can be cause of trigger for allergy and has an impact to hormone secretion. Also this has the potential to develop a cancer or an infertility.

Synthetic oil solution: Oil solution made from petroleum oil is widely used in cosmetics for moisturizing action or as a stabilizer. Synthetic oil solution is in heavy usage since it is much smoother to apply than oil solution made from petroleum. However, using cosmetics like the above long period of time can be cause of dullness and dry skin.

Synthetic ultraviolet absorber: Products which have high SPF are included synthetic ultraviolet absorber for protecting skin from UV. Larger amount of ultraviolet absorber is harder on skin. Using their products for long time effects to the inner skin and it can be cause of dry and dullness skin

Synthetic surfactant: Synthetic surfactant has effects of protein alteration. So, it will be the risk to skin such as breaking barrier of skin. It is said that the synthetic surfactant is the cause for current burgeoning of people who have a trouble with dry skin. It is often that skin gets thin and become sensitive after skin changed to dry skin because of synthetic surfactant.

ケミカル製品の危険性 !?






合成の界面活性剤合成界面活性剤の肌への懸念は、たんぱく質変性作用があるために皮膚の深部に浸透して、皮膚バリアを壊してしまうことにあります。現在乾燥肌の悩みが急増しているのも、この合成界面活性剤が大きな原因となっているのでは?!と言われております。合成界面活性剤によって乾燥肌になった後、さらに肌が薄くなり ついには敏感肌にいたる場合も多いようです。


「 COSME TECH JAPAN Vol.3No5香粧品香料の安全性の歴史」に基づき作成

Disadvantages of Organic Cosmetics

Expensive: Biggest disadvantage of organic cosmetics is the price.  It is not used chemical ingredients which is cheap price. So, it became expensive.

Slowly availableOrganic cosmetics do not have immediate results like usual chemical cosmetics It is needed to use continuously for having effects.

Not available as a fragranceWe cannot expect beautiful colours and perfume for organic cosmetics because it is not included any compound perfume and artificial colours.Most of them are smell of true plants.

Short expiration dateSince organic cosmetics are not included preservative,it is necessary to pay attention for storage condition of it. It must be kept in a refrigerator after first opening and finished up within expiration date.



即効性に弱い: 通常のケミカルコスメのような 即効性はなく効果を得るには使い続ける必要があります。

フレグランス用途には向かない: 合成香料や着色料を使用していないので、綺麗な色や香りを求めることができません。多くは自然本来の香りなのです。

消費期限が短い: 防腐剤を使用していないので製品管理に工夫が必要。開封後は冷蔵庫保存をして期間内に使いきりましょう。

Advantages of using Organic Cosmetics

Skin-care formula:Chemical cosmetics are made for soaking ingredients into skin fast. Organic cosmetics are made for moisturi-zing skin gently and keeping skin healthy.

Comfortable for use:Organic cosmetics are comfortable for use.It takes time but they effect a good change for skin.

You have real beautiful bare skin by continued use:Organic cosmetics soak into skin slowly.The effect is not seen so fast, then someone may be not satisfied.

However, your skin becomes true healthy skin to continue to use them for long time.


肌に優しい:ケミカルコスメは成分を早く肌の内部へ浸透させることが目的ですが、ナチュラルコスメは時間をかけやさしく保湿して お肌を健康に保つ目的です。


使い続けることで 本来の素肌美へ:ナチュラルコスメは、肌への浸透がゆっくりとしているため、すぐに効果が現れるわけではありませんので、最初は物足りなさを感じる方がいらっしゃるかもしれません。けれども、長く使い続けることで、肌本来のすこやかな状態に近づいていくでしょう。